Under Construction

Thank you for your patience as The Greater Capay Valley Historical Society’s website undergoes renovations in order to better meet readers’ needs. Sit tight; when it’s done, there will be more information than ever, with a special website to match this special place.

In the meantime, enjoy what the site still has to offer, and email emonroe@greatercapayvalley.org for any historically-related questions and  carmannareau@gmail.com for any technologically-related ones.

In the meantime, TGCVHS’s Facebook page¬†is still a great source to stay updated with the Society’s work.

Also, we are excited to announce that the limited, first-edition soft cover of “The History and Stories of the Capay Valley: A compilation of 14 Journals from January 2011-December 2013″ is available. Please email emonroe@greatercapayvalley.org to place an order or for any inquiries. Subscriptions for the remainder of the year are also available.

As a final note, we kindly note that TGCVHS is run as a nonprofit and, as such, subsists off of membership-subscriptions, donations, and ads. Information and rates will be posted shortly, but all interim inquiries should once again be directed toward emonroe@greatercapayvalley.org.


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